Covered Mirror Vol. 1            Signs of Life - Prelude Bonus tracks
Smooth as Silk   Calling Occupants of Interplanetery Craft The Way The Waters are Moving
Unitopia   Easter  
Studio Album   Man Of Colours  
Cover album   Genesis Medley  *  
Released October 2012   Rain Song  
Buy   Even in The Quietest Moments  
    Can We Still Be Friends  
    Speaking The Truth - Interlude  
    Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime  
    Yes Medley **  
    To One In Paradise  

1. Signs of Life (Prelude) Sean Timms
2. Calling Occupants (Klaatu)
3. Easter (Marillion)
4. Man of Colours (Icehouse)
5. Genesis Medley (Genesis) *

The Silent Sun
Suppers Ready
Dancing with the Moonlit knight
Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Carpet Crawlers

6. Rain Song (Led Zeppelin)
7. Even in the Quietest Moments (Supertramp)
8. Can We Still be Friends (Todd Rundgren)
9. Speaking The Truth (Dan Burgess/Matt Williams)
10.Everybody’s Gotta learn Sometime (Korgies)
11.Yes Medley (Yes) **

And You and I
Close to the Edge
South Side of the Sky
Owner of a lonely Heart

12.To one in Paradise (Alan Parsons)

Bonus Track
13.The Way the Waters Moving (The Flower Kings) Bonus Track Remix 2012