From the recording More than a dream

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Part l

Ice Caps are melting. Tides are turning.
Wild, wild life is crying out in vain.
Ozone depleting. Global Heating.
Child, child with no future. What a shame.
Can't you see the forest for the trees?
I forgot, we chopped them all down.
Don't you know you're getting hard to please,
Stop the rot before it comes 'round to you.

Building fences. Strong defences.
Keeps them in or does it keep us out?
Bridges burning, while seats of learning,
Sow, sow into mind fields seeds of doubt.
Can't you see it's getting hard to sleep?
Tossing and turning, not a moment's peace.
Don't you know what you sow is what you reap.
Wasted minute in a sea of apathy.

You seek to justify a better way of life.
The more things change the more they stay the same.
Why do you quantify yet wield a two-edged knife?
For you to win must you destroy the game?

The walls between us are getting wider.
Eye for eye is not the only way to go.
Can't you see there's enough insanity?
Life as it is not as it should be.
You lay down with dogs, you're gonna wake up with fleas.
You're scratching the surface, not treating the disease.

Justify the things we do to make a better place to live.
You can't satisfy both me and you.
There's so much of your life you've gotta give.
But, do you know the way home from here?

Part ll

Tears well up in rheumy eyes as I recall the time,
That all were silent, souls were torn apart.
Hear the voices rising against an unseen foe,
Terror in the minds and hearts.
Vindicate the actions, can't do this anymore.
When we gage reactions, when we're always keeping score.
Give and take is lost on us, we're always wanting more and more.

You ask the question 'Why I'm here and who are they?'
And 'What's been going on?'
And 'How could we let ourselves be led to such a place?'
Who is right and who is wrong?
It's the way we live and die in constant state of fear,
All we do is cover weakness, don't shed a single tear.
And every waking moment only serves to tell us why,
There's no second chances here.

You come to realise there's more to life than this.
A bowl of dirt revolving 'round a distant sun.
That everything that happens, happens for a reason,
And not some twist of fate or cosmic roll of dice.
So now's the time to breathe deep the atmosphere of love,
And feel the warmth around you, and start to look above,
The horizons of the many fears and doubts that cloud an open mind.

Part lll

The walls between us come crashing down.
Brother, my brother, the children hold the key.
Finally see just where we need to be.
Stand together, a greater destiny.
Now you know you don't get it all for free.
Will it Take you, elevate you, re-generate you.

No need to justify a better way of life.
The more we change the more we realise,
It's time to satisfy the yearning deep within.
And know the meaning of the sacrifice.